Consulting Services

Few companies offer the knowledge, experience and foresight associated with the toxicological aspects of nanotechnology. While nanotechnology offers commercial and entrepreneurial opportunities it also presents major challenges stemming from the lack of toxicology stewardship.

NTC&T is a unique organization that provides nanotoxicology consulting and training throughout North America. NTC&T works with all types of organizations honing in on the opportunistic side of nanotechnology while identifying and mitigating the toxicological and commercial risks associated with specific applications before they become a problem.

NTC&T is a dependable, qualified resource
for consultation to address specific client needs
in nanotoxicology. These Include:
1. Production of timely critical reports and recommendations on nanotoxicology problems faced by clients 
2. Guidance in nanotoxicology research design and data interpretation for government, private or academic institutions
3. Iterative product development to manage toxicologically favorable material characteristics. 
4. Design and development of nanotechnology and toxicology-based curriculum for universities
5. Tools development for assessment and handling of nanomaterials
6. Toxicology stewardship of nanomaterials from an environmental health and safety perspective.
7. Nanotoxicology standards implementation 
8. Nanomaterials MSDS development and auditing
9. Identification of nanotoxicology EHS considerations in the supply chain
10. Custom services and applications